I have troubles[...] 

I never set out to document anything. It was more of a search, an investigation 2010-2012 
Martin Seeds is interested in origins, a search for identity. He has made a personal journey into what might be his family’s history and that of his country of birth – a place that has had more than its fair share of troubles.  
He kicks off with an image of an egg, the ultimate beginning, and then takes flight. But the photographs are too enigmatic to signal a linear narrative. A story unfolds but not necessarily in chronological order. It’s not a road trip from A to B, but rather an attempt to trace the influence history holds over the artist.  
Seeds has an editor’s eye for arresting images and uncanny combinations. The sequence flows dynamically. He captures the rush and the anxious uncertainty of memory. Some of the images are sinister, some nostalgic. The combination is both intriguing and accomplished. 
Rebecca Drew 
Photoworks 2011 
Selection of works from I have troubles.
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