This will be the first time I exhibit work on the island of Ireland! I will be showing alongside the rest of the very talented New Irish Works artists. Looking forward to visiting Dublin in July for the festival.

Under the title #OpeningTheGates, the 13th edition of PhotoIreland Festival presents the most comprehensive overview on the History and Practice of Photography in Ireland to date, running 7th July to 28th August 2022 in various locations, with the main venue at The Printworks, Dublin Castle. 

The main exhibition Images Are All We Have traces the thematic development of the discipline and contextualises the historical background, bringing together the diverse and socially engaged set of contemporary art practices that define Irish Photography today. This survey exhibition on the discipline involves artists spanning several generations, practices, and backgrounds, and will include video installations by Alan Butler and Eamonn Doyle, alongside a screening room presenting a schedule of video works. 

In Our Own Image: The Politics of Place 25 June - 27 August
Very pleased to take part in the exhibition at Photo Museum Ireland

The third chapter of the Gallery’s year-long In Our Own Image exhibition programme, The Politics of Place is a landmark survey exhibition that undertakes a critical reframing of the way Irish life has been represented through photography. It addresses how photographers have engaged with one of the defining obsessions of our national identity – the notion of place. 

Pleased to announce  I have been selected for New Irish Works, 2022. New Irish Works is a triennial project run by PhotoIreland to represent and promote the growing diversity of contemporary photographic practices in Ireland. We want to enrich the Irish ecosystem with much needed new voices, new curatorial approaches, facilitate much deserved new opportunities, and invigorate the Irish photography scene.

I will be exhibiting in the latest edition of Photo50, No Place is an Island, curated by Rodrigo Orrantia. Presenting works by British and UK-based artists responding to the idea of an island. Echoing John Donne’s celebrated book No Man is an Island, the exhibition explores what it means to be an island and its multiple possibilities towards the future.
21-24 April 2022

'No Country For Young Men' in Creative Review, Dec 2021 - Jan 2022. A survey of photography in 2021 by Diane Smyth.

As part of the Troubles Generation curatorial project, there will be an in conversation event at Seen Fifteen Gallery with Sean O'Hagan,  Vivienne Gamble and Martin Seeds.

Thursday 18th November, 7pm, Seen Fifteen, London

A review in Source Magazine
A review in Source Magazine
Review in Source of 'No Country For Young Men', #104, Spring 2021

I will be exhibiting works from the series Disagreements and Surface Tensions, along side artists Dragana Jurisic, and Alexander Mourant. Oct 7 - 18.

Hurry Up Please Its Time, Sept 2020
Seen Fifteen is delighted to announce a new group exhibition – Hurry Up Please It’s Time – to reopen the gallery space this September.

Works from Jo Dennis, Laura El-Tantawy, Elena Helfrecht, Maya Rochat, Martin Seeds

Nearest Truth podcast. I  talked with Brad Feuerhelm for a Nearest Truth podcast. I spoke about my experience of having the Covid virus, my practice, working methods and politics.

Artlicks 25 - Monochrome, February 2020
This issue accompanies the exhibition With Monochrome Eyes at Borough Road Gallery, London

With Monochrome Eyes, Borough Road Gallery.  February 2020

With Monochrome Eyes presents the work of sixteen lens-based artists, bringing a focus onto the use of greyscale within contemporary photographic practice. Each artist has contributed one black and white work and one colour work, connected through ideas, negotiations and depictions of the body. In the exhibition these works were displayed in two separated but connected spaces in a gallery bisected by a slatted wall.

Curated by Tom Lovelace with  Eleonora Agostini, Elena Helfrecht, Mahtab Hussain, Ben Jeffery,
Äsa Johannesson, Kalpesh Lathigra, Ryan L.Moule, Martin Parr, Giovanna Petrocchi, Silvia Rosi, Martin Seeds, Senta Simond, Deo Suveera, Esther Teichmann, Paloma Tendero, Simon Terrill

With Monochrome Eyes was published to coincide with the exhibition of the same name, curated by Tom Lovelace in the Borough Road Gallery in February 2020.  In the exhibition these works were displayed in two separated but connected spaces in a gallery bisected by a slatted wall. In the book the works are printed on different paperstocks. The exhibition and publication are part of a larger research inquiry, investigating the continued use of greyscale as a mode of representation, existing alongside, or in opposition, to the technicolour landscape of digital technology in which we are immersed. 

Tom Lovelace

Featured Artists: Eleonora Agostini, Elena Helfrecht, Mahtab Hussain, Ben Jeffery, Äsa Johannesson, Kalpesh Lathigra, Ryan L.Moule, Martin Parr, Giovanna Petrocchi, Silvia Rosi, Martin Seeds, Senta Simond, Deo Suveera, Esther Teichmann, Paloma Tendero, Simon Terrill.

First Published by Ottoby Press, London, 2020,
Art direction and book design: Daniel Alexander
ISBN: 978-1-9163852-0-7
Edition of 100, 

British Journal of Photography Article of the best shows of Photo London Martin Seeds

British Journal of Photography : The Best of Photo London & Beyond, 2019

In Conversation: Martin Seeds and Sarah Allen, Assistant Curator of International Art at Tate Modern, during the exhibition Violence Religion Injustice Death at Seen Fifteen London. May 2019

British Journal of Photography feature on Peckham 24 Festival

Violence Religion Injustice Death, at Seen Fifteen as part of Peckham 24,  London, May 2019

Miniclick Photo Talks - Catharsis

YET Magazine Issue 10. With this issue we focus on what it means to study photography today, with the aim to open a critic debate on the growing phenomenon of photography teaching. We explore its lights and shadows from the inside, involving schools from all over the world in the making process and asking a number of people in the industry (teachers, students, researchers, school directors) to share their vision on their own business. September 2016

Photoworks showcase - Assembly

Stormont Estate & the Good Friday Agreement
Alex Kane (political commentator, writer and journalist) reflects upon the importance of the Stormont Estate during the Good Friday Peace negotiations. August 2016

Photograd  Interview: Making an Assembly, 2016

Photoworks showcase - I have troubles...